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10 Best Mobile Games for Android and iPhone

Here is best collection of Top and best Android and iPhone mobile Games. The most using android games you must be feel happy and glad to play these games but we hope many of you already played these games. I also played all of these gamed and ended. I am hungry waiting to release a new part of any one games because once I play a good game and end that so I wait for new release, So
Tech-Attacks here is going to suggest you some interesting games, which you would love to play.
All the necessary links to Download games from official Sites like itunes.apple.com for iPhone & play.google.com for Android are given below.
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Samsung Galaxy S4 - Gadget Review

Samsung galaxy s4 Review, A Complete Concept of Samsung Galaxy s4 Rumors and details when is going to release samsung galaxy s4 and Samsung Galaxy s4 Price.

Considering the reputation and achievements of the New samsung Galaxy S3 , it’s easy to understand that what its developers are thinking about. It certainly seems like samsung is getting over the globe right now – at least, the Android operating system world. There’s no question about that last year Samsung Galaxy S2 was the cellphone of the year. And not nowadays, discounting The apple company of course, can we keep in mind the anticipations  of a Mobile Phone as much as the Samsung Galaxy S3. The name of the new upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 was confirmed in a Recent Event which means it’s coming nearer and nearer to truth that samsung is going to reveal a new phone. Galaxy S series are voted best among users of different mobile phones. It is predicted that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the next Phone of the Year. In this article we are going to discuss about the Specification, Release date, Rumors and latest coming news of S4. Okay lets First talk about the Rumors.
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HP Slate 7 - Gadget Review

HP Slate 7 Front-Side.jpgThe brand-new HP Slate7 launched today at the Mobile World Congress.Two things make this a big deal for HP: For starters, we’re formally adding Google's platforms to more HP devices (Incase you missed our HP Chromebook announcement ). It also means that you can get your greedy little hands on this neat little tablet for a reasonable price.

Many of the aggressively priced tablets on the market cut corners to hit a price point. That’s not the case here. For your money you get a smartly-designed device, with smart features to match. As you can see from the pictures, this value-priced tablet looks anything BUT value-level quality.

HP Announces Chromebook with the Largest Screen on the Market

pavilion chromebook.jpg
After asking about HP Chromebook by some sources, HP says :
When you buy  a new computer, it’s all about choice. Well, today we’ve officially announced that along with our  extensive PC and workstation portfolio, we’re expanding our Multi OS approach and introducing the new HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook .

Our thought process behind this Chromebook is that you’re able to get a quick-and-easy gateway into your Google life on a great, big 14-inch BrightView display. That means it has  the largest-screen on a Chromebook to date, about two inches larger than the next-biggest competitor.

Email Forging / Send Fake Emails

As the name says, send an email from any email id in the world without the victims password. Its also known as fakemailer
There are many ways to do it & many websites are there which can send fake emails
Tech-Attacks here is going to give one of the website with its help you can do Email Forging.

Trace Emails - Easiest way

Got a mail, want to trace it? want to know the exact location of the sender?
Then you are at right place.
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Lets start to trace mails, First you will need the full header of that email.

Find Computer Drivers - Easy method

Finding drivers is always a problem after new Installation of Windows, if you don't have drivers backup. And most of time you get pop up message device not recognized and you are unable to find drivers. We can directly do these with the help of paid software's and websites that provides drivers.
But today i will explain how to find drivers for Unrecognized hardware in Windows without using any paid software or sites.
You can also see my previous post which can be a great help for finding & Downloading Motherboard Drivers, just click here to watch it.

Access Gmail Offline

Gmail introduced a new feature recently,
that is browsing mails offline
Today we are going to see how to do that.

First you need to install Google Gears, you can download the online installer by clicking below mentioned link of Official Website. Google Gears
Run the online installer and it will install Google Gears on your system.

Windows Phone 8S by HTC - Gadget Review

The Windows Phone 8S by HTC is the second device from HTC's range of Windows Phone 8 hardware, and it fills out the lower end of the market with a cheaper device that contains understandably cheaper hardware. Still, it appears that HTC hasn't skimped on development as the Windows Phone 8S comes in a range of interesting yet beautiful two-tone colors in a high-quality finish.

All the Features with unboxing Video is shown below

Nokia Lumia 620 - Windows Phone 8 - Gadget Review

Nokia has also come out in full force with the Nokia Lumia 620 , which is a low-end device from their range with very similar, if not better specs than HTC's offering.
Whole unboxing / review video & several Features are shown below

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New Sony Xperia Z - Gadget Review

Apart from getting a decent amount of hands-on time with the new HTC One while We took the time to get a quick look at Sony's new Android flagship, the Xperia Z Like the HTC One, this device is set to launch very shortly across a range of carriers.we first heard of the device way back at CES 2013, however, so the information has had a little bit of time to settle.
The last Sony device I had any decent time with was the Xperia S , their previous major phone that was launched early last year. It had some very decent features, including a beautiful Exmor R camera and solid media software, however the design left a lot to be desired and the phone's Snapdragon S3 processor was quickly surpassed by devices launched a few months later.

Samsung reveals Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet for Q2 2013 launch

Samsung may not be revealing its Galaxy S IV smartphone at the Mobile World Congress this week, but the company is using the Barcelona trade show to introduce the newest member of the Galaxy Note tablet family.
The Galaxy Note 8.0.
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Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 with 1 Year License Key - FREE Download

Download Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 with 1 Year License Key [Giveaway] All the PC users have common problem - Virus. Viruses can enter into your system through various ways. Some type of viruses can completely destroy or hide your important data from your hard-disk and push you into big trouble. So you should use a secure and trusted anti-virus software to protect the computer system against viruses and malware. 

Bitdefender Internet Security is one of the most trusted anti-virus solution for Windows computers. We all know that last year Bitdefender Internet Security has won the award for being the best security product of the year. Bitdefender gives you the real time protection from viruses to computer system and it consists many security tools like ID Theft protector and Social network protection.

Download Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system has become the most successful product in Microsoft history. Huge amount of Windows users are moving to Windows 8 everyday. If you have still not upgraded your PC to Windows 8 , Click here to Download Windows 8 or to know more about Windows 8 .
So today
Tech-Attacks going to share a tip related to Windows 8 for you. If you are still using Windows 7 as your operating system, you can simply customize it into Windows 8 interface with Windows 8 Skin Pack. This free skin pack allows you to change the following interface to Windows 8 looks.

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Download Glass Skin Pack for Windows 7

Hello friends, Today Tech-Attacks came with one of the most beautiful tips about Windows 7. Most of you get bored by using the same interface in your Windows 7 PC. So here Tech-Attacks would like give you the FREE Glass interface skin pack for Windows 7.
Download Glass Skin Pack for Windows 7
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Hide any local Drive using Command Prompt

There are 3 methods available to hide a local drive without using any software
1. Hide a drive through gpedit
2. Hide a drive through regedit
3. Hide a drive using command prompt

Today we are covering command prompt way of doing it. So lets see how to do.
How to Hide any Local Drive using Command prompt

How to Hide a Local Drive using command prompt?

Check wether your Pendrive is Original or Fake

Nowadays we can buy Flash drive at low price. We can buy 32GB flash drive for only 10 $. Mostly these are fake drives. Now flash drives also manufactured as fake and its it's look like original one.  These type flash drives are mostly imported from China. They are using some small programs to show 4GB pen drive as 32GB.

How to check your Pen-Drive is Original or Fake
So let's check your Pen-drive is original or fake

Recover Deleted Emails (Hotmail)

In the past Hotmail has liberated a characteristic in the manner called Recover Deleted Emails. To use your deleted emails in hotmail, we should go according to the following steps one by one because you’ll need them in future. 

Before we go forward to do the ensured hotmail used in the Email that was deleted few months ago.


Recovering Deleted Email Messages in Hotmail

3 World's Sexiest Hacker

The term HACKER was given John Mash [A Mathematician]. For the first time technology hack discovered in 1972. Around the world Hackers have stolen $1 Trillion in Intellectual property
Hacker is cleaver programmer, he/she interested in breaking computer system by using their skills. Hacking group increasing day by day.

3 World's Sexiest Hacker

Download Counter Strike 1.6 For FREE (GAME)

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Counter strike is one of the most popular game, CS is the first person shooter game. Counter Strike is the perfect game for Gamers. Counter Strike 1.6 .Till now counter strike is downloaded more than 9.16 Million.

The Official Website of FedCenter Government of United States of America Taken Down by Anonymous

The Hacktivist Group of Hackers Taken down the Official Website of FedCenter by meanse of DDOS (Denial of Services) Attack
The Group Of Hacktivist's available on Twitter with handler Anon_Central , whose account was hijacked recently are claiming to have taken down the Official Website of FedCenter, FedCenter.gov is the Federal government's home for comprehensive environmental stewardship and compliance assistance information.

National Associates of Federal Agents Website Hacked by Anonymous Hackers

The Anonymous Hackers have taken down the Website of National Associates of Federal Agents under OpLastResort

Anonymous Hackers have taken down the Official Website of National Associates of Federal Agents under their Operation for the Lead Hacker Aaron Swartz who died last month.

5 Indian Govt. Websites Hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army

The Website of Public Works Department and Chief Commissioner (Authorised Representative) Customs, Excise & Service Tax Appellate Tribunal , New Delhi Hijacked by Pakistan Cyber Army
Pakistani hackers identifying themselves to be from Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA) take down the Official website of Chief Commissioner (Authorised Representative) Customs, Excise & Service Tax Appellate Tribunal , New Delhi with other 4 Government Related Web Portals of India.

Process to Register a Domain Name

Every online business needs an address, every blog needs a URL and that’s why registering a domain name is an important task. A domain is something like ahemahem.com or bloggingjunction.com. You can register a domain in your name even if you don’t own a company. Registering a domain name is very easy and it normally doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to register domain name.

Importance of Having a Domain Name

Generate a Name for Your Domain

Choosing a domain name has lately become the most difficult task. Most of the good domain names are already taken either by individuals, domain collectors or corporates. Domain buying and selling is a flourishing business and thus most good domains have already been captured by someone and as a result very few good domain names are available for people like you and me who are not much into this business. While you could ask your friends for domain name suggestions or post publicly on a forum to get suggestions or you could even hire a person who is good at naming, this methods could sometimes prove too time-consuming or expensive! A better choice if you ask me would be to use a domain name generator.
A domain name generator helps you find a good domain name. I tried a couple of online domain name generators and the results were satisfactory. The results were not professional actually, but they were neither too bad! Frankly, I didn’t expect professional suggestions as these generators are merely a programmed piece of software which mix & match words and supply you a unique domain name. In 50% cases, you can expect a really good domain name! You’d be showered with some useless, funny and unprofessional suggestions sometimes, so be prepared for that.

Domain Name Generator

Tips to Increase Pagerank

Pagerank according to some bloggers is an important factor determining the power of a blog, while for some others Pagerank is just another rank. I belong to the second category. I totally disagree when someone says me that “Pagerank is proportional to your blog’s power or quality”. Rubbish!
Pagerank according to me is not a blog quality determining factor. Pagerank in fact according to me has nothing to do with a blog’s quality or power. Pagerank is totally based (as far as I have researched and read on other blogs) only and only on one thing i.e. the number of blogs linking to your blog and the pagerank of those blogs. So in short the entire concept of Pagerank revolves in and around links, number of links, quality of links, authority of links, pagerank of links, etc.
So if you want to increase pagerank of your blog, you need to concentrate on your back links. Simply getting backlinks from millions of sites out there won’t work, you also need to concentrate on the quality of those links.

Factors Affecting Pagerank

Reasons not to Buy a Google Adsense Account

Getting into Google Adsense was never easy and it has become more tough due to their two step approval process. And that’s the only reason why there are at least a thousand online sellers offering you Adsense accounts for cheap. You can buy a Google Adsense account for as low as $5 at Fiverr and for a little higher price at several independent online shops.
After being disapproved many times by Adsense team, losing hope to get an Adsense account approved ethically,  most people tend to take this route and buy themselves an Adsense account. But is it really worth to buy an Adsense account? No, I think! Here’s why.

Your address may be permanently banned - Possible!

All in Software (90+ Softwares Collection in1 Package) - FREE Download

Mostly we install various software to do different works on our PC. 
For example
Web browsing - we install Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox , etc.
Protect PC against Virus - We install Anti-Virus
To Play Video files - We install VLC Player , etc.
But today we are going to give a All In One software, as you can see a below screenshot
All In One !!! One Installation for 90 Free Software

All in Software / DVD Video Soft (FULL) - FREE Download

All In One !!! One Installation for 47 Free SoftwareSometimes we are using many software to do a single work,  because we cannot do all the work with one software but today Tech-Attacks is going to give you a different software.
Namely DVD Video Soft, by using this software you can do 47 various works.

Here, some features of DVD Video Soft.
you can convert Audio, Video files in various formats.  you can Burn & Rip the DVDs. you can Download videos from YouTube . Video editing feature Screen record feature Apple / iOS device Synchronizing ( iPod, iPhone , iPad ,etc.).

Malawi Domain Controller / NIC Hacked by BanglaDeshi Hackers

Google , Kaspersky , MSN , CocaCola , Fanta , Yahoo & many others Malawi site's DNS Hijacked

Unlock your Plug-n-Play Netsetter / 3G Stick - Use any sim in any modem witout unlocking it

Hello Every One, its not possible to use any sim in a modem without unlocking. For that you have to Pay. 
But dont worry, with the following trick you can do it for free.
Note: This trick will is tested & it works in almost all modems, Hope your luck works.

Step by step instruction:

1. Insert SIM in Modem or your 3G stick or to your Netsetter.

Speed up your Firefox using SpeedyFox

Firefox has been my web-browser of choice, thanks to the stable performance and customization possibilities it offers, in the quest for having a fasterweb-browsing experience with Firefox I had tried reducing tab-overload, optimize memory usage and even trying an CPU optimized version. SpeedyFox is yet another free utility which promises to make your Firefox start-up upto 3 times faster with faster loading of browsing history and operations with Cookies.
SpeedyFox For Windows And MAC
What SpeedyFox does is that it optimizes fragmented SQLITE database files which are used to store your Firefox data resulting in faster overall experience.

Browse Forums Without Logging

Visit any forum or website to find something useful and they will ask you to register. All websites and forums will block unregistered users, but they won’t block Google Bot. What we will do is to switch our User Agent to that of Google Bot and freely browse any website or forum without registering.
First grab the User Agent Switcher add-on for Firefox called ‘user agent’ and install it. download link Download User-Agent-Switcher Now go to Tools > User Agent Switcher > Options and then again to Options.
 After Clicking on option you will see some thing like this

Top 10 - Best Android Apps for Hackers & Penetesters

Android is among the the best mobile operating systems now a days, There are a big number of mobile phones using android as their operating system. Within few time, Android got good reputation in market and a big number of users as well, There is no doubt that android is a best operating system and based on linux. Well there are a lot of hacks and tricks in android operating system and many people don't know about them, Today TechAttacks is going to post some best tools for hackers, Penetration testers and for security professionals we hope you all will like them.

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Hackers

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Hide any data in mobile without using any Software

Have you ever wanted to hide folders in your phone and that too without using any kind of software? If yes, then here is very interesting solution for you to hide folders in your phone and you dont even need any software for that.


Create any new folder or you can use any existing folder that is to be hidden.
Rename the folder to any name but with the extension of .jad like if I want to hide my images folder then I will name it as IMG.jad
Now create a new folder with the same name in the same directory but with the extension of .jar So, I would create the folder with the name IMG.jar

Download as a Premium Member from any Site

If you are having problem to download your favorite files from several sites just cause you dont have premium account in this case this article could be bit of helpful to you.

The Solution to download as premium user(even if you dont have premium account)
Just follow several simple below listed steps

First of all just open the website:

Ways to Trace Cell Phone Numbers

From time to time, people wonder how easy it is to trace cell phone numbers. In fact, there are several resources that may be employed to find out who is using a cell phone to call your home or cell number. Here are a few options that consumers have available to trace phone numbers that originate with a cell phone exchange.

One of the first resources to utilize to trace cell phone numbers is the Internet. Try a simple search on the cell phone number and see what comes up. Alternatively, there are free cell phone directories that are available on the Internet. While the level of information that can be obtained from these directories is somewhat limited, the free directory will often include data regarding the current carrier associated with the cell phone number, and the city of origin.

Get Access to all Blocked Sites

Hello Readers, Tech-Attacks is back with a new topic to open banned or blocked websites.
You can also check some other Articles on same topic(links mentioned below)

Several Simple Steps to unblock websites are described below:
Note: Below mentioned steps can be done only on Windows Operating System.

1) Click Start and open Control Panel
2) Find Network and Internet and then Click on Network and Sharing Center

The new iPad Price and Review

Retina Display

Four times more pixels than iPad 2. Razor-sharp text. Richer colours. The Retina display transforms the entire iPad experience. So everything looks and feels incredibly lifelike and perfectly detailed.

Pixel Perfect Performance
The A5X chip with quad-core graphics drives four times the pixels of iPad 2, yet it delivers the same smoothness and fluidity iPad is known for. Even with all that extra oomph, the new iPad still gets an amazing 10 hours of battery life.

Run PSP(Playstation) Games on your Android Phone

Hello readers, so again Tech-Attacks back after a long time, after iPhone operation now I got Android Based smartphone, so while experimenting with it I tried to play Sony PSP game and succeeded, so let me tell you How to Play / Run PSP games on Android Device.

Steps to run Sony PSP  games on your Android phone like Samsung S3, Samsung Grant or Note 2 or TAB or Sony Android Device or Micromax Canvas 2 etc (inshort a device with large display.).