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Penetrate your website before other do / Penetration Tools

Now a day’s not only hackers are looking for vulnerabilities in publicly available  domains (websites) but also newbies are exploiting them because penetration  has become  cheep and easiest with help of Freely available tools on internet. Due to ease in exploitation process, pentesters are not aware of its importance, not even they care about its consequences.

Here are some recommended tools, which you can use to test Vulnerabilities of domains, Web apps & portals.
Note: Don’t try it on other’s assets, as it may lead to cyber law violation.

Windows lovers can try their hands on

For deep drive, we suggest you to taste Linux flavors where you can try your hand on

If you find any High/Medium Level threats, please take it damm serious. Try to patch those holes Or Simply ping us for free assistance not only for patches but also for vulnerability assessment too.

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