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Introduction To Penetration Testing & reasons for doing Penetration

Pen Testing
Introduction To Penetration Testing
In simple terms Penetration Testing means, testing your own system for any Vulnerabilities or Loop holes to prevent it from the real hackers.. The Penetration tester acts like an attacker to bypass the securites to get access to the targeted system or network and report the security breaches and vulnerabilities to the real owner of the organisation’s.

Pen Testing is that a tester use to gain unauthorised access to the organization’s network systems and compromise them. But pentester has limited in resources by time, skill, resources and access to equipment as per the agreement. 

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Actually pen testing reveals the potential consequences of a real attacker breaking into the organisation’s network. Thats why all the organisation’s conducting pen testing in a sequence interval of time to validate their security. Pentester is diffentiated from the attacker only by his intent and lack of malice.

Why Penetration Testing ?
Organisation’s has to identify the threats that they are facing in information assets.
For testing and validating their security protection and controls.
Organisations has to focus on high severity in vulnerabilites & application level security and management.
To prevent the upcoming exploits from the attacker.
Evaluating the efficiency of network security device such as firewall, routers & webservers.
For changing & upgrading theExisting infrastructure of software, hardware or network design.
Pen Testing
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